At the Health Laboratory we want to put a spotlight on the healing powers of nature so that you can TAKE BACK CONTROL of your health…

You can regain optimal health and even re-set your DNA by eating the right FOOD, cleansing your internal and external ENVIRONMENT and incorporating MOVEMENT into your daily regime.

Manifesting the right MIND-set and surround yourself with a TRIBE of like-minded friends and family for support is also important…

the 5 elements health laboratory

We want to provide you with scientifically proven evidence about the natural world around us, that will inspire and help you to heal, detoxify and optimize your body, mind and spirit.

We also want to bring you the greatest health wisdom from our ancestors. Many of the most effective and safest natural healing protocols have been long forgotten. We have been delving into the literature to rediscover the most effective natural remedies and protocols that can be used today.

We also want to provide you with a community and a place for free and inquisitive souls to hang out in, one in which you can feel safe and inspired. A community dedicated to re-learning the basics of nature and a new system of how to live a healthy and vibrant life!

So start up a conversation with us today and let us feed you with the core ingredients of our Health Laboratory!

Feel free to hang out and explore our site, read our blog, watch some videos, view our gallery and let us know what YOU would like to know more about!


Dr. Tiffany Gourley
Environmental Scientist 
Detoxification Coach
PhD (Earth Sciences)


Dr. Sonia Perez
Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner
MAppSc, GDip (Western Herbal Medicine)