Energy to Burn – are you Eating the Highest Frequency Food on Earth?

I used to leave the high vibes to the hippies…high frequency food

Although, after looking a little further into the effects of eating high frequency food on your body, I’m starting to sense the good vibes.

In 1942 the famous scientist Dr. Nikola Tesla pronounced to the world:


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Dr. Nikola Tesla

And as Einstein is quoted as saying:

Everything in life is vibration.

Albert Einstein

In fact, quantum physics describes the universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy!

And that energy takes many different forms.

If you do yoga you might have heard it referred to as ‘prana‘; pain relief from the release of energy.

This is similar to the when a mother rubs her sick child’s stomach. The subtle transition of energy provides instant relief.

Sound healing also uses vibrational frequencies to raise the energy of your body at the cellular level, and re-balance the left and right sides of the brain.

So…can the vibrational frequency of food also be used to raise the energy of your body at the cellular level?

Before we go any further let’s get clear about….

Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Science Lesson 101:

vibrational energy

Everything in the universe has an energetic vibration, including ourselves…

  • Every atom in every molecule is in motion.
  • The frequency of this motion is known as a vibrational frequency.
  • So each molecule has its own molecular vibration.

When something vibrates, it propagates a wave of energy and emits a frequency that can be measured.

Vibrations can be:

  • Felt – think of an earthquake
  • Heard – think sound waves
  • Seen – think light waves

So the three words: energy, frequency and vibration are intimately related.

Einstein helped us to understand this through his renowned equation E = mc2. It demonstrates that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance.

The energetic vibration or frequency of food is most commonly rated in units called Hertz (Hz) or Megahertz (MHz – one million cycles per second).

And if you are wondering about the Calorie (kcal): this is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water by 1 degree Celsius.

So! The energy of your body, is dependent on the vibrational frequency of your cells….which is in-turn dependent on the food you eat and other factors such as your state of health (both physical and emotional).

We are electrical beings made up of vibrating cells!

And by applying the Planck-Einstein relation (Energy = Planck Constant x Frequency) we can see that:

The higher the Hertz the higher the energy!

Scientist from the University of Napoli and Trento in Italy, have now shown that cancer cells are about 70% softer and show a lower frequency response compared to healthy cells.[1]

In 1992, Bruce Tainio, of Tainio Technology and head of the Department of Agriculture at Washington University, developed a Calibrated Frequency Monitor (CFM) that has been used to measure the frequencies of the human body and various food.

They use this machine at John Hopkins University to study frequency in relationship to diseases. It is also used by Young Living Essential Oils to measure the frequency signature of their essential oils.

Tainio suggested that cancer can grow when the frequency of the body drops below 42 MHz. And when you have a cold or the flu your body is at a frequency of around 58 MHz.

Whereas, happy healthy bodies are high vibin’ and doing the Macarena at around 62 to 68 MHz….aura

This is where, the aura enters the scene…

The electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our body. [GIF]

Even your emotions have a specific vibration as documented by the HearthMath® Institute

Ok hold up! Hold up!

Before we get too woo woo here, let’s get back to the science…

High Frequency Foods…

When I started looking into which foods could help me increase my lagging energy levels, what I uncovered was quite unexpected.

I knew that my energy levels were affected by what I ate. But I had never really sunken in that just like my body, food has its own vibrational energy.

And you know that age old saying…

You are what you eat…

What I now know is that the frequency of food can be used to unleash your self self-healing capacity and boost your energy levels naturally.

Nature’s intelligence supports our own intelligence and we really are solar powered animals.

Some people think about food in terms of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

However, when you start thinking in this way you are ignoring the synergistic effects of those components and the overall chemistry of the food.

Unfortunately, this concept is poorly understood by the pharmaceutical scientific community…

The overall chemistry of the food dictates its energetics or the ‘vibrational frequency of food’.

This is similar to Einstein’s approach which looks at the human body not as an assemblage of chemical parts but as a total, complete system operating in harmony with the electromagnetic energy system of the universe.

A fruit picked directly from the tree is the highest energy food we can eat. It is still alive, intact and unprocessed and vibrating at a high frequency.

When eaten, that energy is then transferred to our body and cells via a poorly understood process known as ‘biological transmutation’.

The longer we take to eat it, the lower its frequency generally becomes (Note: bananas are one of the few, if not the only fruit, that increases in electromagnetic energy if picked unripe [2]).high vibration food

It’s the same with overcooked veggies.

So that sad face you used to pull when mum put some overcooked beans in front of you….

That is your body intuitively saying I only want high vibe foods!

Chinese Medicine also teaches us that the flavors of food correspond to specific organs and can be used to raise or lower the energy of our body.

Now when it comes to highly processed or refined food such as white bread, canned tuna or cheese, these have a very low vibrational frequency.

Cooked or processed meats?….they have a vibrational frequency of close to zero.[2]

So when you think about processed or canned foods, that have been chopped up, heated, pasteurized, radiated, preserved etc….what do you think happens to those natural synergistic effects?

They are destroyed…and the food (if you could call it that) ends up having a significantly lower vibrational frequency and little nutritional or microbial value. Commonly even zero.

It’s similar for supplements vs whole herbs and botanical formulas. Supplements, which include herbal extracts, are generally isolates of the natural active ingredients that are highly processed.

When they are denatured in this way, their biological activity and those natural synergistic effects are largely destroyed. That is why it is much better to have the wholefood (whole herb) itself or a concentrate (botanical formula).

Altering natures intelligence is never a good idea….

Essential oils are whole concentrates, containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Clinical studies have shown that therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man! With rose essential oil having the highest recorded frequency at 320 MHzhigh frequency food

Foods and herbs having the highest energetic frequency include:

  • Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables
  • Green smoothies
  • Fresh, whole herbs
  • Superfoods such as fresh blueberries and spirulina
  • 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils

If you want your cells to do the “Cellular Macarena”, I suggest you start with the list of high frequency foods above.

Don’t forget: Processed and canned foods have been measured to have a vibrational frequency of zero.

Many pollutants (e.g. heavy metals and POPs – persistent organic pollutants) also have low frequencies and are known to interfere with our bodys own healthy frequency.

These toxins can kill your energy levels by damaging the energy powerhouse of your cells, your mitochondria [3]. This leads to weakened organ function.

There are some astringent foods (e.g. lemons) and botanical formulas that can help to draw these toxins back out of our body at the cellular level.

Many scientists agree that:

Fresh raw fruits and vegetables are the highest frequency foods on earth…

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It has also been said that when you cook or alter these foods in some way, we deplete its electrical energy.

are humans frugivores

When you think about it, is it any wonder that a child intuitively grabs for the fresh fruit at a young age? That is…before the refined sugar addiction takes hold at a later age…

Or that some of the world’s most elite athletes are choosing to go vegan?

In 2017, scientists even published research which suggests that it wasn’t actually social pressures that ultimately led to the evolution of the large human brain.

Instead, a developmental hypothesis based on frugivory (an animal where fruit is the preferred food type) was presented.[7]

Your Energy Control Center

All organs, cells and atoms exist as energy, and each form has its own frequency or vibrational energy [1].

When our organs and glands aren’t functioning properly or are diseased, their vibrational energy decreases.

This is why we feel tired and run down when we get sick.

Foods, including herbs and especially essential oils, have the capacity to increase the vibrational frequency of the cells in your body.

The highest energy center in our body is our brain and nervous system.

They contain the highest energetic and electrical tissues, with nerves requiring more energy than a typical cell in our body.

So if we want to heal and increase our brain power and energy levels, high frequency foods are essential. 

And if we want to take it a step further and regenerate brain and nervous system tissue, then clinical studies have reportedly shown that fruit (as opposed to vegetables which are more for building muscle and skeletal tissue) can be used as an effective tool.[2][4]

Being hydrated is also essential, because water is required for electrical conductivity. Water can actually store and deliver energy.[5]

What Is Your True Energy Potential?

In a fast paced and increasingly toxic world, almost everybody is saying that they are struggling with their energy levels.

So how do we turn things around and what really is your potential?

The science is telling us that the lower the vibrational energy of the food that we eat, the lower we can expect our energy levels to be.

Eating low energy food can give rise to hypoactive or underactive tissues. Eating foods loaded with refined sugar was a big part of why my adrenals became hypoactive and fatigued.cellular macarena

On the other hand, eating high energy food can lead to spontaneous outbursts of what I like to call “Cellular Macarena”.

You have to experience it.

It doesn’t take me 15 minutes to scrape myself out of bed anymore, I wake up alert and ready to take on the day.

I am also moving around the tennis court much faster. May stamina has been improving and so have my competition results.

I put that largely down to shifting away from eating highly processed and preserved non-foods, to a more wholefood based eating plan with lots of high energy, raw and alive foods.

We can’t always be perfect though. Now when I eat low quality food, it is really obvious to me how that impacts on my mind, body and energy levels.

So what really is your true energy potential?

Now that you know that some foods have a vibrational frequency of zero, it could be time to start re-considering what you put in your mouth.

But some people hate the thought of eating raw food and I get that.

That was me many years ago…

UNTIL I learnt about food energetics and found out the reason WHY my digestive system couldn’t cope so well with raw foods – adrenal fatigue and a damaged microbiome (leaky gut syndrome)…

Now that I have strengthened that underlying weakness, I can now work on introducing more and more raw foods into my diet in order to reach my full energy potential and bring that spark back into my life.

Given the S.A.D diet that most westerners now consume, there is an incredible opportunity to experience dramatically improved energy levels and brain function.

A high vibe eating plan is also insurance against chronic disease and inflammation.

You will also find that you recover better from exercise and have a stronger immune system.

The sky really is the limit…

Many people and many ancient civilizations even believe that eating high vibrational food can help you to elevate your consciousness.

Walk Like An Egyptian….

It’s not only food frequencies that can help us to increase the vibrational frequency of our body.

Other ways to increase the frequency of our own body temple include:

  • Meditation;
  • Sound Healing (such as the Carillon Bowl); and
  • Exercise.carillon

The Egyptians have been using vibrational energy to improve their health for thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptian Priests played the Carillon Bowl (a large quartz crystal crucible set in the “Key of David”) in sacred chambers to promote healing of the mind and body and bring about new states of consciousness [6].

It can be used to break up and clear physical, mental and emotional blockages in the body and has even been known to boost anti-ageing hormones.

The Egyptians are even thought to have placed food in the Carillon Bowl, to lift the vibrational frequency of the food prior to consuming it.

I was lucky enough to have sourced a pure crystal quartz Carillon Bowl myself, and can attest to its power to transform your health. I thought about putting my cat in it (for one second) and then thought again….the sound when you play it can actually get very loud and you can hear it many streets away.

Chromotherapy is also a vibrational technique used to balance the diseased energy pattern in the body. It is a centuries-old concept that was commonly practised in ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India [1].

It is based on the understanding that every organ in our body has an energetic level at which it functions best.

The Wrap on Food Frequencies…

It’s time to pay respect to the brilliant minds of Einstein and Tesla whose message can be used by all of us in our everyday living. It’s also time to learn a bit more about what others have been doing for thousands of years!

Food is not just about taste, visual or comfort appeal, we also need to consider how much energy and nutritional value it is going to give us.

high vibration foodOnce this really hit home for me, I’ll never be able to look at a plate of food in the same way again. It really has been one of the key factors in turning my energy levels around.

So if you are interested in food frequencies or the natural vibrational frequency of foods…

The highest frequency (electromagnetic energy) foods on Earth are fresh and raw fruits and vegetables.

High frequency foods are essential for supplying us with long lasting energy. For healing our body and rebuilding new and improved cells and tissues….

As Dr Robert Morse put it [2]:

“If you wish to experience this pure energy you must consume pure energy. It’s that simple.”

Fresh and Raw fruits are an essential part of what we like to call ‘Cellular Regeneration‘.

This can be used as a tool to reset your body in its best form ever.

More on that in upcoming post…

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[2] Robert Morse (N.D.), 2004. The Detox Miracle Source Book – Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration. Kalindi Press, pp. 372.



[5] Pollack, G. H., 2013. The Fourth Phase of Water. Ebner & Sons, pp. 357.