How Your Body Detoxes And Why That Is Not Enough

how your body detoxesYour body does an amazing job of removing toxins from your body on a 24 hour basis. That’s a given…

But in a world where one new chemical is being synthesised every 27 seconds, is that really enough?

Let’s explore this question and think about what’s happening both inside your body and externally

I Have Kidneys and a Liver…

And they do all the detoxing my body needs.

Even though I scrape myself out of bed every morning…

Wobble around in a brain fog before I have my morning coffee… Then hit the 2pm sugar train to make the afternoon slump a little more bearable….

BUT… “I’m still going to have none of this detox business!”

Is it that people think it’s too hard to do a detox? Takes too much time? Is too expensive? Not effective or not required?

Other people have taken to the ‘detox lifestyle‘ like they have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

For me, I used to think “It’s going to be too hard, I don’t have the time and is it really necessary?”

That all changed when I consciously made a choice to learn a little bit more about my body and how it operates. In particular, how it reacts when exposed to certain toxins and how it then removes them from my body.

Toxins can move from our external environment (e.g. food and air) into our internal environment (e.g. our brain and gut).

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Our emotions (particularly chronic stress) can also raise the level of certain hormones in our body to levels that are actually toxic.  This is often referred to as emotional toxicity

My work has involved measuring the levels of potentially cancer causing (carcinogenic) chemicals in our external environment.

I then wanted to take it a step further and learn about what those chemicals actually do to our body internally once exposed. I couldn’t listen with a deaf ear any longer!

“Was there any truth to all this detox craze?”

sonia perez chinese medicine

Sharing ideas with Dr. Sonia PerezPractitioner of Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine and Detoxification Specialist

Who also obsesses over the research (the true research, not the fake research funded by companies with vested interests), has helped us to unearth the truth.

There is something powerful about understanding both perspectives, internal and external toxicity.

It has become clear to us, that enhancing your body’s own natural processes using ‘detoxification’ or ‘cleansing’, is and will continue to be:

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 And it’s not as hard or as complex as you may think (or as others have made it out to seem).

There are some specific foods that you can go pick up at your local supermarket today that have the power to target and heal specific organs in your body.

We are talking normal whole foods here, not so called ‘healthy food’….just plain old normal food grown from the earth. Food that is electrically ‘alive’ with no added MSG, sugar or salt.


Science is just now beginning to unravel how these specific ‘power foods’ can be used to self-heal and dramatically slow the ageing process (YES slow the ageing process!).

Along with certain types of exercise and meditation (that stimulate different parts of the body), they can actually help you to turn beneficial genes on.[1,2] This comes under the field of Epigenetics.

So let’s bring to light some of the reasons why assisted detoxification may be an essential survival skill for us now and in the future…..

 A Wave of ‘Diseases’ in Epidemic Proportions…

Have you noticed how more and more people seem to be being diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders, obesity, diabetes and other so called diseases?

Many, many people I know are dealing with the heartbreak of having a family member or close friend suffer through one of these dis-eases.

 Note: I say ‘dis-ease’ because the majority of so called ‘diseases’ stem from the same root cause. So it’s not good to separate them into individual ‘diseases’ for which multiple pharmaceutical drugs are very quickly synthesized to treat the symptoms

The rise of dis-ease is just not an aberration of your mind!

Three out of four Americans are now overweight or obese and according to the World Health Organization, the number of new cancer cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades. As of 2016, one in eleven people in America now have diabetes. The WHO also state on their website that the prevalence of Autism spectrum disorders appears to be increasing globally.

The economic impact of these diseases is in the trillions of dollars in America alone, and increasing rapidly. A similar story can be told for most other western countries such as Australia and the UK.

So you have to start wondering “What is going on here?” Why are these type of diseases reaching epidemic proportions?

“The current medical system is failing us and our ancient genes are failing to cope with the modern toxic environment.”

Like climate change, we’re being exposed to increasing loads of toxins and our bodies are backin’ up!  And when I say that, I mean the body’s pathways of elimination are becoming blocked and not eliminating waste efficiently….

Science 101 will tell you that when your body isn’t eliminating wastes (metabolic waste, toxins etc.) effectively, toxins can build up in the body and cause what is referred to as ‘acidosis’, or acidification of the body.

So if you’re body surpasses the toxicity tipping point, acidosis and then inflammation will set in. Just like the bleaching of the coral reefs occurring in many major reef systems around the world from ocean acidification.

You have to love how you can always look back on nature to find the answers you need! In linking toxicity with disease – Dr. Rashid Buttar (Medical Director of the Centre for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research) was recently quoted as saying:

 “If you can effectively remove those toxicities, by definition, chronic disease cannot exist.”

It is now recognized that the root cause of most diseases is underlying toxicity!

So let’s learn a little more about environmental toxins.

Tox-Synergy – One Chemical is Synthesized Every 27 Seconds…

Since the Industrial Revolution, well over 20 million chemicals have been synthesized. That number is increasing by more than 1 million a year.

Of those, over 80,000 have entered the chemical economy and are currently in use.

The majority of these chemicals have not even been tested for human health risks. But somehow they have hit the market place and found their way into our air, water and food supply.

Unfortunately the government assumes new products and ingredients to be innocent until proven guilty.

A benchmark study by the Environmental Working Group in 2005:

“found an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood from 10 babies…”

Just like there are now no pristine waters on earth

Today there is not one baby born into this world that does not have a trace of synthetic chemicals in their blood.

In my work, I too often see how our past environmental mistakes are now causing serious and widespread health implications.

Many of these chemicals are likely to have tox-synergistic effects on our bodies. This means that when we are exposed to two or more toxins at the same time, the chemicals may interact and have an even worse effect on our bodies. They may also bioaccumulate in our bodies over time.

Very little research has gone into the tox-synergistic effects of chemicals on human health. And in an increasingly toxic world, exposure to multiple toxins at the same time must be occurring more frequently.

The body can withstand a certain toxic load, but when we surpass the toxicity tipping point (the point where your body can no longer process all the toxins effectively), adverse health symptoms will manifest.

And later down the track, if you haven’t cleaned your act up a little, you may be leaving the door wide open for dis-ease to take hold…

Let’s now take a look at how your body reacts to these invaders.

Natural Detoxification – Your Body Is Amazing…

It really is.

From keeping your body within a temperature range of around 36.1 to 37.2 degrees Celsius, to keeping your blood within a pH range of 7.35 to 7.45 and making little garbage cans (tumours) for dangerous waste that may harm your organs….

Your body is more amazing than you will ever be able to comprehend.

So when it comes to your body being able to take metabolic waste away from your cells (yes just like you they poop too!) and remove and disarm toxins…

There are two main eliminative systems at play and they both work together:

  1. Lymphatic System; and your
  2. Immune System.

We’ll talk about the eliminative channels a little later.

We can’t go into much detail today and things are best kept simple (too often health concepts are delivered in an overcomplicated way that makes us want to relinquish control of our health to someone else), so here are the essentials:

  1. Your Lymphatic System – provides both protection and elimination for your body. Think of it as your waste disposal system’. Given the right conditions, it picks up your cellular poop and directs it out of your body. Problem is, unlike our blood it doesn’t have a pump like the heart to get it moving around our body. So we have to actually stimulate the movement of lymphatic fluid around our body (we’ll cover the best ways to do this in another post).

If we don’t take the trash can out (our cellular waste!), well, the acidity of our lymph fluid and tissues then rises. When this happens, coagulation of our building materials (e.g. fats, fuels, minerals etc.) occurs and eventually cellular starvation sets in…

End result: loss of energy, muscle tissue, organ damage etc…

elimination pathwaysCool Note: Scientists have also just discovered that our brains have their very own waste disposal system called the ‘glymphatic system’![3]

2. Your Immune System – provides natural protection to your body. Think of it as the ‘police force’ of your body. It steps in when a parasite or virus comes knocking at your door. It also draws the line when it comes to toxins. Without your immune system you could not exist on this planet, unless of course you were confined to a ‘bubble’. Your immunity patterns were set from the day you were born. So if your parent’s health was suffering, then you may have been set adrift with weakened organs from the very beginning! More on that later in this post.

Did you know that your immune system has a memory of its very own? It teaches itself to recognize past invaders, and then stores that information in memory cells.

Your body is covered with skin and your organs and cells a membrane – this is the first line of defence. If this line of defence fails then your immune cells (there are many different types of these) and their chemicals step in just like Pacman, and ‘eat’ or destroy the invaders.

If this second line of defence fails, then your organs and tissues are exposed to attack. Strong defeat the weak (this is what autoimmune syndromes are about). So you need to make sure your immune system is firing on all cylinders, especially throughout winter time!

Even toxic foods (hello ‘refined sugar’, ‘MSG’, pesticide laden fruit and veggies etc.) set off an immune and lymphatic response in your body.

So often people focus on liver and kidney detoxes, when they should also be concerned about getting their lymphatic and immune systems optimized. In fact…

for any enhanced detoxification programme to be successful, the lymphatic system MUST be addressed first…

 Most (if not all) ‘detoxes or ‘cleanses’ don’t even mention these incredibly important systems! And you can’t just take a magical pill, potion or tea and expect meaningful or long lasting results.…

If you want to take control of your health and regain your brain, digestive, circulatory and weight loss power, you need to stimulate and strengthen your lymphatic and immune systems…and it’s easier than you may think…

Take your body on an internal vacation every now and then!

Prop your kidneys, liver, GI tract and brain up on a banana lounge and let them rest, rejuvenate and gain strength again. Stop bombarding them with unnecessary toxins!

The main goal is to lighten your toxic load by:

  1. Eliminating hidden toxins from your food, your kitchen, your personal care products; and then
  2. Begin clearing out the blockages in your body and any toxins that have bioaccumulated (hello toxic fat stores [link to blog]).

There are specific foods (e.g. fruit and vegetables), herbs (e.g. St Mary’s thistle and turmeric) and exercises (e.g. rebounding, detox foot spa, dry brushing) that have been clinically proven to aid the body in detoxification.

Once you have regained your ‘flow’ and your organs are re-balanced and operating efficiently again, your body can then move into the next phase which we like to call ‘Cellular Regeneration’.

This is where you can re-build your body in its best version ever.

So let’s talk a bit about getting your ’flow’ on…

Unlocking Your Elimination Pathways To ‘Flow’

detoxification program

Did you know that your body is ‘totally tubular‘?

What this means is that your body is a vast highway of veins, arteries, capillaries and other life giving tubes (e.g. bronchial, fallopian, intestinal tubes etc.).

If any of these tubes become blocked, things can back-up very quickly and this could very well be very the first step on the yellow brick road to trauma or dis-ease

Once your body has determined that it needs to get toxins out of your body and away from your organs, there a four main channels of elimination:

  1. Urination (peeing)
  2. Defecation (pooing)
  3. Perspiration (sweating)
  4. Respiration (breathing)

If these pathways become blocked, then toxins start circulating throughout your body. Potentially causing damage to your brain, kidneys, liver etc.

One of the real keys to transforming your health, is to strengthen and maximize the release of toxins through these four main pathways of elimination. Each of which link back to particular organs.

It’s like keeping your vintage car in top nick with a monthly maintenance regime. Why wouldn’t you do that for your own body?

Enhancing your own body’s natural detoxification processes will help to keep your pathways of elimination obstruction-free.

If done correctly, research is now even showing that you can significantly reduce the effects of ageing by reducing your toxic burden.[8]

Want to look and feel younger? Be happier and have the energy of someone 10 years younger than you? I know I do…

One particular question remains however…

Are You Missing a Gene for Effective Detoxification?

Now some people just aren’t able to process toxins as efficiently as others. It is believed that up to 30 to 50% of all people might carry a mutation in their MTHFR gene. This mutation is genetic and inherited through your blood line.

MTHFR is short for Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase and it is a very important enzyme in the body.

natural body cleanse

Having a mutation in the MTHFR gene interferes with the normal processes of enzyme production, folate conversion and methylation [4]. Methylation is particularly important for the natural detoxification process to occur efficiently in the body. It helps to eliminate heavy metals and other toxins through the GI tract. At its core, methylation is a metabolic process that switches genes on and off and repairs DNA [5].

Under the supervision of your integrative doctor, you can take genetic testing to determine if you have this mutation. Don’t just assume that you have it and stop any medications! It’s always important to cross-check things with your doctor and follow their advice.

Several conditions such as ADHD, autism, heart problems, depression and fertility issues have been linked with this genetic mutation.

One of the most important things to note is that eating a poor diet, leaky gut, not exercising regularly, being exposed to toxins and high amounts of stress and alcohol use can make the symptoms worse.

There are plenty of natural treatments that can assist with the symptoms but changing your lifestyle might just have the biggest impact of all.

The study of Epigenetics is now showing that you can actually switch on and off certain genes, depending on your lifestyle. So if you want to turn-on all those beneficial genes, making healthy lifestyle choices is the way to go. This will also benefit future generations who may inherit your genetic make-up.

Another important factor to consider is…

Were You Born Into This World Disadvantaged From The Beginning?

The theory of Epigenetics suggests that unique diet, health, and stress patterns from our parents and their parents can be passed on to us transgenerationally.[1]

In a world where we are increasingly being exposed to toxins and surging cortisol levels from being stuck in the ‘fight or flight’ stress response mode – adrenal dysfunction is rife.

Mothers can pass this ‘genetic weakness’ and an imbalanced microflora onto their unborn children. Scientists are now even saying that this helps to explain the increasing rates of allergies, food intolerances, eczema and autism amongst children [6, 7].

As mentioned earlier:

There is now not one baby brought into this world that does not have a trace of synthetic chemicals in their blood.

It has also recently been shown that approximately one out of six women of childbearing age in the U.S. is mercury toxic [9].

If we want the next generation to be strong enough to survive in an increasingly toxic world, we can’t just keep turning a blind eye. It’s time to ‘be the change‘.

 The Round-Up…

There are several reasons why your body might need a little helping hand to reduce the burden of toxicity.

These include:

  • Our increasing exposure to synthetic chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.
  • Since the Industrial Revolution, over 20 million new chemical have been synthesized. Currently, around 1 new chemical is synthesized every 27 seconds.natural detoxification
  • Some of these chemicals are likely to have a tox-synergistic effect on our bodies.
  • There is now not one person or one baby born in to this world that does not have traces of synthetic chemicals in their blood.
  • The majority of us were born into this world disadvantaged from the beginning, with weak adrenal function and a compromised immunity.
  • The current epidemic of ‘diseases’ such as cancer, heart disease, autism, neurodegenerative disorders, obesity, diabetes etc.
  • The root cause of 99% of diseases is underlying toxicity.
  • Some scientists now believe that 30 to 50% of all people might carry the MTHFR genetic mutation. This interferes with the process of methylation which is particularly important for the body to detoxify itself naturally.

What most ‘detoxes’ or ‘cleanses’ fail to address is the Lymphatic System. It is like our ‘sewerage system’ and takes metabolic waste and toxins away from our cells. If we don’t keep our lymph fluid moving (it doesn’t have a pump like our heart) through regular movement and exercise, toxins and metabolic waste can build up in our body, causing adverse health effects.

So the next time you hear someone say “You don’t need to detox, your body does it naturally” – tell them that they are half right…and you have some interesting information to fill in the gaps.

Following on from the Industrial Revolution, enhanced detoxification and cellular regeneration is proving to be one of the most essential survival skills of the 21st century.

Just like your external environment, your internal environment might just be going through a ‘Climate Change‘ of its own…

By relieving your body of its toxic burden you CAN feel exponentially better that you do today. And you might be very surprised at what your health potential really is.

To get started, download our [FREE DETOX TOOLKIT HERE] – so that you can get going TODAY.

We would also love to hear about your experiences with detoxing, cleansing or making better lifestyle choices in the comments below. It really isn’t as hard, costly or scary as you may think…