The #1 Most Neglected and ‘Mysterious’ Process Occurring In Your Body – That Some Say Is The Origin of Cancer

what does the lymphatic system do

We all know about the blood system and how important that is to supporting life….

And the new kid on the block is the ‘microbiome’ and the gut-brain connection.

But there is one essential circulatory system that is largely ignored (poorly understood) by the scientific and medical fraternity due to its:

“elusive morphology and mysterious pathophysiology” [1]

And it is just as important as your blood system to maintaining your health.

By cleaning it up and making sure there are no blockages, you can dramatically improve your:

  • energy levels
  • brain power
  • immunity
  • skin complexion
  • natural weight loss potential…etc.

In fact it is so important that many medical researchers are now even saying that it is where cancer and many other diseases may actually originate.[2]

As always, our body leaves some clues about how well this system is functioning….

The After Exercise GLOW and Cellular Poop

Ever wondered why you feel so good after doing stretching, yoga, running or any other exercise for that matter?

I always thought that it was because exercise stimulates the release of endorphins (the feel good hormone) in your body.

But that is only half the story. Our cells are literally doing the Macarena (I like to call it ‘Cellular Macarena‘), because we have helped to clear away their cellular poop!

cellular macarena

Yes, our cells eat and then excrete just like we do.

When we clean out the cellular poop, our body rewards us by releasing endorphins and vibrating at a higher frequency.

Amazing right!

It’s not our blood that takes away cellular poop, it is our lymph fluid. Ever heard of it?

The word ‘Lymph’ originates from the Greek language and means pure, clean stream.

It forms part of our Lymphatic System which is like our sewerage disposal system.

The problem is: it doesn’t have a pump (like our blood has the heart). This is needed to pressurize and keep the lymph fluid moving around our body to disposing of cellular waste.

Lymph 101 and the “The Good vs. The Bad”

The job of our Lymphatic System is to clean and protect our body.

It is made up of:

  • Lymph Vessels – these mimic your blood vessels and extend throughout your body.
  • Lymph Fluid – an alkaline fluid that flows from the cells to the venous blood supply via the lymph vessels.
  • Lymph Nodes – we have thousands of these (in our neck, shoulders, chest, arm pits, groin, abdominal area etc.) and they act like small septic tanks. We have to continually clean them out! They filter, neutralize and destroy toxins and pathogens.
  • Spleen – an oval shaped organ on the left side of your body behind the stomach. It is full of macrophages which remove toxins and pathogens from our blood and lymph fluid. It also destroys old, weakened and toxic blood cells.
  • Thymus Gland – plays a vital role in the training and development of ‘T-lymphocytes’ or ‘T-cells’ which help your cells to kill pathogens naturally.
  • Appendix – is near the junction of the small intestine and the large intestine. It contains abundant infection-fighting lymphoid cells.
  • Tonsils – are part of your body’s defence system. They help to fight off germs that enter your body through your nose and mouth.

how to cleanse your lymphatic system naturallyThe Lymphatic System acts like our sewer system by:

  • Taking cellular waste away from our cells; and
  • Removing excessive fat soluble compounds from the gastrointestinal tract.

Our blood takes oxygen, nutrients and other fuels to our cells.

Whilst our lymph fluid is like a plasma that takes metabolic by-products, as well as protective substances, away from our cells.

These substances include [3]:

  • Metabolic wastes and gases
  • Glucose, salts, minerals (unusable by the cell) and ions
  • Ureas
  • Hormones, steroids and enzymes
  • Chemical toxins and medications
  • Parasites such as bacteria and viruses
  • Immune cells such as lymphocytes and macrophages
  • Dying body cells (due to acidosis or atrophy)……etc.

Under stress, shock, poisoning or injury, excess blood protein (protein and amino acids) and water can leave the blood stream and accumulate between our cells.[4]

Without our lymphatic vessels removing these excess wastes our cells can literally drown…

If “Cellular Drowning” occurs, this type of toxicity can initiate the onset of every degenerative disease known today.

“Such a circumstance is not compatible with life” [4]

The Lymphatic System also ‘houses’ our immune system (the ‘police force’) and creates antibodies and white blood cells to protect us.

The battle of the ‘immune cells vs. the pathogens’ occurs here. With pathogens potentially including bacteria, viruses, yeasts and other unwanted intruders.

Our lymph fluid also carries nutrients to various parts of the body.

The unfortunate truth is, almost everybody has a stagnant lymphatic system to one degree or another and…

It may very well be the most neglected process in the body that can free you from unexplained health conditions and suffering. Click To Tweet

As scientists continue to deepen their understanding of the lymphatic system, exiting new findings are being published.

It has recently been uncovered that our brain has its very own sewerage disposal system which is activated at night when we sleep.

glymphatic systemIt has been called the Glymphatic System, and it really is one of the most exciting areas within modern day health research.[5]

We also have an Intestinal (Mesenteric) Lymphatic System.

As we age, become exposed to environmental toxins or eat poor quality food, the skin of our intestinal tract becomes damaged.

This means that healthy bacterial have less area to colonize and help out with the digestive process. As a result, more toxins can pass into your lymph fluid which are then deposited in your fat cells…[6]

NOTE: You brain is nearly 60% fat [7]

Put simply: If you are a better digester then you are a better detoxifier!

Has Your Body Become A Stagnant Lake?

If we don’t take the trash out, our Lymph System can quickly become clogged and over-burdened.

Our body can become like a stagnant lake, with anoxic (low oxygen) conditions and waste building up. This then results in a build-up of acidity in our body.

Common symptoms include:

  • Sinus congestion, sleep apnoea and snoring
  • Fatigue
  • Colds and flu-like symptoms
  • Swollen lymph nodes, tonsillitis and sore throats
  • Allergies
  • Cataracts, glaucoma and blurred vision
  • Bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and other lung issues
  • Tumours, boils, pimples, cellulite and lymphomas
  • Loss of smell, taste and hearing
  • Earaches
  • Skin rashes and dandruff

And you know those ugly spider veins that you can get on your legs?

Yep, they are often caused by lymphatic congestion as well —> later in the post I’ll give you some tips that I used to get rid of mine.

If your Lymph System remains seriously clogged up, then this is when you can enter the danger zone where disease and cellular death can take hold.

As Dr. Rashid Buttar (Medical Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine) put it [8]:

lymphatics are one of the most crucial but completely ignored components in cancer prevention and treatment

 The Top 5 Food Groups That Clog Your Lymphatic System:

Certain foods can congest and over-burden our lymph system, with the Top 5 being:

  1. Dairy products (their proteins are concentrated and abrasive to us)
  2. Refined and complex sugars (e.g. milk chocolate, cookies, cakes and ketchup)
  3. Preserved foods (e.g. cereal bars, sausage rolls and white bread)
  4. Meat (it is acidic and your body views it is as foreign)
  5. Salty foods (e.g. crisps, packet noodles and salted nuts)

These foods create excessive mucous and lymph. You’ll know about it when your sinus cavities fill up and your lung tissues start to drown.

lymphatic drainage massage

I know this feeling all too well, I battled chronic sinusitis and congestion for YEARS…

In fact I had succumbed to the thought that I was just genetically made to suffer in that way.

I couldn’t have been more wrong….

I was relying on cortico-steroids to reduce the build-up of mucous which just caused other, equally as bad, side-effects.

Long-story cut short – it was a lymphatic problem caused predominantly by the foods I was eating. That chocolate bar or piece of cake I was eating most days could have had something to do with it….???

Little did I know I could solve my sinus problems and eat my chocolate (the dark variety) at the same time. WITHOUT the use of steroids!

Keeping hydrated is essential for ensuring your body doesn’t retain fluid.

Alkalizing and fiber-rich foods are great for getting your lymph flowing:

  • leafy green vegetables such as broccoli and brussel sprouts; and
  • those with a mild diuretic effect such as parsley, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, sea vegetables and celery.

Garlic and ginger are also great at stimulating your circulatory system.

foods to cleanse lymphatic system

Astringent fruits are great for cleaning out and stimulate your Lymphatic System:

–  the citrus fruits (e.g. oranges, grapefruit and lemons etc.)

–  grapes

Botanicals (medicinal herbs) can also be used to clean out and stimulate your Lymphatic System. We will talk more about these Power Foods in an upcoming post.

Take it from a reformed sugar addict, if you get your eating habits under control you will find that your natural energy levels begin to skyrocket. Not only that, but many unexplained health symptoms will begin to disappear

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 Exercises To Move The Lymph!

Always think about “moving” your lymph!

Given that is doesn’t have a pump like the heart, it desperately needs a helping hand and it’s easier than you may think.

Our lymph fluid moves around our body primarily by the following three methods:

  • Contraction of your skeletal muscles – through movement and exercise
  • Contraction and stimulation of smooth muscles (these are the supporting tissues of blood vessels and organs such as our stomach and bladder) – through stretching
  • Pressure changes associated with the blood vascular system

An inactive lifestyle, low blood pressure or congested kidneys and skin are likely to result in your lymph system backing up and becoming over-burdened.

Simple exercises that are great for stimulating your lymphatic system include:

  • Walkingrebounding
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Rebounding (my personal favorite)

These activities get the lymph fluid moving in your lower extremities.

Stretching also helps to stimulate the movement of lymph around your body. So it follows that activities such as yoga, pilates, chi kung (Qigong) and tai chi are equally as beneficial.

The movement of your diaphragm when you laugh is also a great pumping action!

By simply jumping up and down on my trampoline for five minutes a day and eating a plant-based wholefood diet (with some laughter thrown in for good measure), I literally watched as the spider veins in my legs began to disappear.

Not only that…the function of my organs began to improve. Just like certain poses in yoga, tai chi and chi kung….twisting while jumping up and down on the trampoline actually stimulates the function of your internal organs.

It’s also important to remember that our skin is our largest eliminative organ.

So working up a sweat on a regular basis (daily is preferable) is also a crucial to keeping your Lymphatic System stimulated and clean.

Skin brushing (dry brushing) and hot and cold showers are also great for lymphatic stimulation.

 Key Takeways…

It’s time to:

“Pump up the jam, pump it up…”

Everybody has heard of the blood circulatory system. But who has heard of the equally important Lymphatic System?

Cleaning this system up doesn’t just have the potential to make you look like a million dollars. It can also make you feel like a million dollars!

This the system that both cleans and protects your body. It houses your immune system so think of it as both your sewer system and the police department.

Unfortunately though, it doesn’t have a pump like our heart. So we literally have to exercise to pressurize and stimulate the movement of lymph fluid. This fluid picks up our cellular poop and then disposes of it.

We also need to give our body a break by avoiding mucous forming substances such as dairy and refined sugars.

These nasties congest and impede the movement of our lymph fluid, which we want to be as clean and free flowing as possible (remember the Greek meaning of ‘lymph’?).

I mean, who wants to drown in their own waste…literally?

Actually…I was…around 7 years ago. Luckily I kicked that chronic sinusitis to the kerb by getting my lymph flowing freely again.

Cutting out dairy and highly processed and preserved foods, was a simple but revolutionary step in improving my health.

Keeping our lymphatic system unobstructed is essential.

Cleaning out and opening our lymph pathways is the true definition of how to become a well-beingor a pure, clean stream…

The feeling you will experience and the changes you will observe in your body, are probably unimaginable to your right know.

But take it from someone who has overcome chronic sinusitis, it’s worth your undivided attention.

A congested and over-burdened Lymphatic System can lead to acidosis, cellular autointoxication and weakened immunity.

Disease occurs when the body is over-burdened and then fails. If your cells can’t get rid of their own waste, they become hypoactive and then die.

It’s like drowning in your own waste…lymphatic cleanse

Scientific research is now suggesting that disease may originate in your lymphatic system, including cancer.[2]

It has also been uncovered that our brain actually has its very own Glymphatic System, that clears waste away while we are sleeping![5]

I don’t know about you…but I would rather be a clean flowing river than a stagnant lake…

Clean up and stimulate your lymphatic system and watch as your energy levels and brain power soar.

Pretty soon you’ll have people commenting on how good you look and asking how you did it…

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[3] Robert Morse (N.D.), 2004. The Detox Miracle Source Book – Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration. Kalindi Press, pp. 372.Robert Morse (N.D.), 2004. The Detox Miracle Source Book – Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration. Kalindi Press, pp. 372.





[8] Dr. Rashid Buttar, 2010. The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity. GMEC Publishing, 1st Edition, pp. 328.